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2 years ago

2013 Mobile Marketing Trends

2013 Mobile Marketing Trends

Online marketing has become popular and widely used years ago, but mobile marketing opens even more possibilities for customization and exact targeting. Think about the number of people who feel like a chicken running around with its head cut-off if they lose their cell phones. And mobile marketing uses these facts to allow you reach maximum number of people from your targeted audience quickly Mobile marketing consists of several different methods of advertising such as:

Mobile Sites marketing This is advertising of mobile websitesSome of the cell phones are not designed to view full internet websites This is the reason why all successful companies create mobile versions of their websites, designed specifically for small displays Marketing Applications Mobile app market grows extremely quickly. Have you known, that in 2012 700000new apps appeared in the app store and it is nearly 50% growth comparing to the previous year?

And if you will count other mobile platforms, the numbers will be even biggerTaking into account this stats your company must not miss app marketing

Mobilization of Business Websites This means that a websited created for a big screen is resized to feet mobile devicesOne of the biggest problems with traditional websites is that they require much scrolling when browsed on mobile devices It make a really poor ui and can make the potential customer to. To not make an intended purchase Find another site, probably your competitor’s, that will be properly optimnized for mobile device. Mobilizing your website means making all important features available for users on the first screen

SMS Marketing -  It means using sms messages to reach your target audience. This type of mobile marketing makes it possible to advertise to a big number of people from your target audience, all at once. Although the main idea about mobile text marketing is to keep your clients in touch, it is still very important that you only use it to the minimal.

QR Codes - Initially, they were used for tracking Japanese car parts throughout the manufacturing process, but are today used in a whole variety of applications, which this article will touch upon momentarily Because the code sends a sort of “impulse” to your prospect’s mobile device, they are able to get the information from any location in the world, and are not limited to only the times when they happen to be at home on their desktop or at a coffee shop on their laptop. They can see your message whenever it may be and wherever they may be. And when you add this to the fact that they will be fully engaged because they are “uncovering” your message rather than being force-fed, you’ve got the perfect storm of customer responsiveness working in your favor

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